In 1974, a young couple in rural southern Indiana decided to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. Combining their passions for art and Native American culture, they founded Indian Image Gallery.

For 30 years, Stephen & Sandra Falls owned and operated a brick-and-mortar gallery in Evansville, IN. They cultivated a tight-knit community of artists and art collectors --  from their hometown in the midwest, across the plains, through the southwest US, and up the west coast.

In their travels and through their support and activism for Native American rights, Steve and Sandy connected with some of the country's most talented Native American artists - from tribes like the Ponca,  Sioux, Navajo, and many more.  These artists became great friends, and Indian Image Gallery became a trusted trading post, where artists connect with their fans  & collectors. 

In the year 2000, we decided to close the doors of our gallery in Evansville's historic downtown district, only to re-open in 2005 as an internet-based gallery.

Today, we still specialize in connecting Native American artists with the people who truly appreciate their work, and, in some cases, can do so in different, creative ways with the marvels of technology.

While, much of our collection adorns the homes of our extended family, our family is too small to enjoy it all. That's where your homes, offices, and other special spaces fit into the picture. If you'd like to provide a good home to this art, please get in touch!  


About our art:  All items are stored in a climate-controlled, smoke-free environment,  using acid-free materials where necessary.  We promise the highest quality product with all purchases; we're only satisfied when our customer is satisfied. 

The team / fam

Stephen Falls, Founder / husband & father

Sandra Falls, Founder / wife & mother

Tim Falls, Operator / son